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Program Information

BFIT is a computer IT program which will teach youth basic knowledge of computers. We intend to cover many topics and tasks which will give them a good jump start at a potential career in IT industry such as:

  • Knowledge of a computer  and peripherals (Monitors, desktop, laptop, etc)
  • Knowledge and functionality of inner components of a computer (hard drives, motherboards, processors, etc)
  • Research on how a computer works (binary code, circuits, etc)
  • Take a desktop completely apart and rebuild desktop
  • Installation of software
  • Basic knowledge of computer networks


While participants are learning the materials we are covering, they will get an opportunity to take a computer apart and rebuild it. Once the machine is fully functional they will be allowed to keep that computer permanently. In order for them to keep that computer they will have to rebuild another computer that will get donated.

We are currently preparing to continue this program remotely. We will have weekly Zoom sessions with participants who sign up. If you would like more information please contact us.