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Our Lady of Fatima in Dame Marie, Haiti Sponsorship

Since 2013 we have been helping them in two ways. First was by a sponsorship program which allows each student to be sponsored for only $100 for the year. The second way was by having a school supply drive to help collect supplies for the school.  This year we have changed our goal for Our Lady of Fatima in Dame Marie, Haiti, we would like to raise $10,000 to send to the school. A lot of these kids lost everything during the earthquake in 2010 including their family. For most, this school is all they have. Please help us to support at least one child as he/she tries to advance in their life long journeys. In the past we tried to collect item to send to the school, but the cost of shipping is very expensive and slow. We decided that it is more efficient to raise money so that they can purchase all the items that they need locally which saves them a lot of time and energy. We are not looking for one person to make this great donation, but looking for many people and organizations to help work towards our goal. For example if 1000 people donated $10 we would easily reach our goal. 

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Donate to Our Lady of Fatima in Dame Marie, Haiti


Save Our Streets-Boston, Inc. is a nonprofit organization located in Boston, MA that aims to create and promote programs and events that encourage personal development, community support and a positive outlook. We believe that creating alternative activities will help end violence in Boston and improve our community.