About Us

Save Our Streets-Boston was founded in 2008 by Fitzgerald David, a Haitian-American born and raised in Boston, MA. His educational career started at St. Kevin's school in Dorchester. Later on, he transferred into the METCO program and attended school in Sharon, MA. After a few years in METCO, Fitzgerald got accepted into Boston Latin School and graduated in 2000. He went on to attend Northeastern University and attain a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering Technology. Fitzgerald is currently happily employed as a Computer Technician and continues to maintain his love for music and his community.

Our goal is to guide and support those within our community in following their dreams, and by doing so, promote the positive development of the Boston community as a whole. We want to create a dynamic network of organizations within the city to promote the many development programs currently offered, to those who could use them most. SOS’s goal is to motivate our community to take advantage of all the great opportunities available to city residents.

We feel that a major contributor to crime in our city is the lack of alternative activities. In 2013 there were 40 murders in the city of Boston. That number does not even reflect the true degree of violence occurring in our streets. The many fights, stabbings, and attempted murders are getting out of control and a change needs to be made now. If we could create diversions for those in our community to help focus their attention toward something positive and constructive, we would notice significant changes. For example, if a dancer has an upcoming performance, he/she will be focused on practicing to perfect their talents. Knowing that they have an opportunity will curve their perspective, and help them gain an appreciation for life and the idea of working hard to accomplish their goals.