Photo Prep 3.0

Our third year of Photo Prep has started. We are working with 11 youth who will learn the basics of photography.

We will be having an event to celebrate their work on July 14, 2024. Save the Date!

More info coming soon...

We are looking for vendors at our event. Every year we get over 300 people attending and this year looks to be even bigger.

If interested click here to register.

CPR Training

When a heart attack or cardiac arrest happens, the heart stops pumping blood through the body. You can support a victim’s heart through rescue breathing and chest compressions. CPR pumps a small amount of blood to the brain. It “buys time” until the heart can function on its own again.

According to the American Heart Association, about 80% of heart attacks occur at home. 92% of victims die before getting to the hospital. CPR can more than double a victim's chance of survival.

SOS-Boston would like to organize a group of a minimum of 20 people who would like to learn CPR. We would like to have one class every first Saturday of the month. As soon as we have 20 registered we will schedule the training

Click Here to register.

Computer Giveaway

We have been given a donation of used Desktop computers that we would like to pass on to our community. These are fully functional desktop computers that will have a minimum of Windows 10 and Office 365.

You will receive a desktop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This is on a first come first serve basis.

In order to receive a free computer, you must have one child in grade school in your household.

Click HERE to register for the desktop.

Financial Therapy

SOS is collaborating with Jenae Murphy, of Financial Therapy, to hold a series of workshops in hopes of educating our community about the financial world.

Financial Therapy will be a series of workshops covering a wide range of topics related to the financial industry in hopes of relieving this problem. The goal is to give our community tools so they will be able to make educated financial decisions that can improve their lives. We also hope to inform participants of the many career opportunities in the financial industry.

To register click here.